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W h a t  I ' m  A l l  A b o u t

I am a New York City-based UX Designer with 7 years of expertise in production, development, and content strategy. As a former Creative Executive in the Film and TV industry, my experience is rooted in storytelling and dynamic visual aesthetic.

My ability to craft a strong narrative has influenced my design process - one which allows me to create a shared vocabulary, empathize with the users’ needs, and focus on a common goal.

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When I'm not designing or watching movies, you can find me playing recreational soccer, dog-sitting, or fangirling over Harry Styles.

IMG_1294 2.JPG

Photographed with Mr. Styles at Love on Tour in Boston, MA


Quick selfie with my nephew golden doodle, Milo


I play on a co-ed soccer team. We're called the Gowanus Manatees and we're 0-11 but #1 for team bar trivia. 

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